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Funeral Etiquette In Sending Flowers

Send Flower To - Sympathy Flowers

If there is one place where flowers never goes out of fashion it will be in a funeral where people bereaved for their loss of a family member, a friend and a colleague. However, there are things you need to know when you want to send flowers to funeral. Your relationship with the deceased has something to do with what flowers you should send to best express your sympathy.  Just like any other occasion, you don’t want to draw attention or misunderstanding for being inappropriate or stealing the scene. Knowing the following tips will help you select flowers much easier if you still don’t know what you should send to the funeral.

Sympathy Flowers from Immediate Family Members which includes husband, wife, children, siblings, and parents have the right to choose any flowers they desire as long as it suits the location and the theme of the funeral. However, there are specific flowers and arrangements that are exclusively for them and not for others to give. In common funeral events, the placement of flowers has also something to do with the relationship of the deceases to the sender and immediate family usually places their flowers at the top and beside the casket. Casket spray, wreaths, pillows and flowers that are inside the casket are basically what family members would always provide.

Sympathy Flowers from Extended Family Members like nieces and nephews, cousins and close friends can send wide variety of flowers type and flower arrangement. From simple sympathy flowers to sprays, they can choose whatever they want which can be taken home by the bereaved family. This expresses your sympathy to the family than of the deceased, the reason why handy flowers are much and nicer as a reminder that they are loved.

Sympathy Flowers from Acquaintances and Colleagues like employees, employers, co-workers and other individuals who have professional relationship to the deceased. The flowers sent by these members is placed beside the casket right after the flowers sent by the immediate family members one reason why you might opt to choose a free standing flower arrangement such as bouquets in a basket.

Sympathy Flowers from Friends of Family Members are usually based on what they think that visitors and the bereaved family might enjoy while at the funeral such as baskets and plants.

If you are planning to send flowers to funeral, you need to know the full name of the deceased and the location where you want it to be delivered. For small baskets and wreaths, it is appreciated tha you will hand it over personally to the family as this ensures comfort and gratitude.